Multi-source sustainable solutions combining the sun, the wind and coconut oil for more efficient & economical energy management

The greatest difficulty facing our many Pacific islands is the isolation of the communities that inhabit them. In fact, the long distances separating our communities, the lack of infrastructure and qualified personnel add to the difficulty during construction, fuel supply and the maintenance of energy production equipment. This is why Ecotech Solutions offers turnkey and plug & play solutions.

After an analysis of your needs, our engineers design easy solutions to install, operate and maintain. For that we privilege the sources of durable and free energies. The sun, the wind and coconut oil meet these requirements but are not always available. That’s why we always bundle multiple technologies into a single Hybrid Solar Generator.

Our Solar Hybrid Generators, accept different sources of energy such as water turbines, wind turbines, Grid, diesel & Coco fuel generators, ….
The use of several sources of energy makes it possible to guarantee more efficient solutions, more economical, and a functioning 24/24 7/7 whatever the weather. We use smart management systems that automatically manage the different energy sources , without the need of human action.

Remote management allows you and us, to control all the parameters of your installation on a simple smartphone or computer.

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